Name: Dano Bedayan-Costello
    Grade / Subject: S.T.E.M. Modeling 2018-2019
    Hours for help: available by appointment 

    Semester One

    1. Intro to Technology for the Classroom and the Workplace using Google Drive and creating a Professional S.T.E.M Blog for the year

    2. Practical Hands-on Tool Use through Bicycle Repair Basics

    3. Engineering Design and Drafting: Build a Skateboard

    4. Computer 3D Design and 3D printing

    Semester Two

    1. Intro to Programming and Robotics using the Sphero SPRK robot

    2. Programming and Software using Arduino Boards

    3. Weather Station, Data Analysis, and Rocketry Competition

    4. S.T.E.M. Challenge: Identify and solve a problem in your community using one or more of the skills you’ve learned throughout the year.


     Dano2 Rm 24  workbooks  Doug and Dano  Bikes
Last Modified on December 19, 2018