Be Safe

  • * Do not fight, or encourage others to fight.

    * Do not possess or use a weapon, alcohol, and/or drugs/tobacco of any type.

    * Bullying and harassment (verbal, sexual, or physical) is not tolerated at LVMS.

    * Do not ride scooters, skateboards, or bikes on campus.

    * Do not drop, throw, or spit objects from the second floor.

    *  Throwing of rocks anywhere on campus is prohibited.  Violation will result in an out of school suspension.

    * Setting off a false fire alarm will result in a suspension from school.

    ***For the safety of all students the administration reserves the right to search backpacks/personal belongings.

Be Respectful

  • * Be respectful to all adults and your peers while you are attending school. 

    * Do not damage, steal, graffiti, or vandalize school or personal property.

    * Throw your trash away.

    * Do not spread rumors or gossip about your classmates, peers, or teachers.

    * Hugging, kissing, holding hands and/or other inappropriate displays of affection are NOT allowed on campus. 

    * Do not make degrading remarks in reference to religion, race, or gender. 

    * Do not make obscene gestures or use profanity. 


Be Responsible

  • * Come to school prepared to learn with backpack,     

      paper, pencil, and other necessary supplies. 

    * Attend school every day and on time.

    * Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

    * Permanent markers (i.e. – Sharpies) are not permitted on campus.

    * Conflict Resolution is available through counselors, administrators, and other teaching staff.

    * Leave personal items of value at home.

    * Do not share passwords, locker combinations, ID cards, or lunch cards. 

    * Aerosol cans and perfume/cologne bottles are not permitted on campus.

    * Gum is not allowed on campus.  Students who chew gum will receive a lunch detention.


Cell Phones

  • Cell phones must be turned completely off (NOT on silent or vibrate mode) and kept securely in the student’s backpack while on campus throughout the instructional day, including lunch time. If your cell phone is out and in view, even checking to see if it is on/off, it will be taken and turned into the office.  A parent/guardian will need to come to the office to pick up the phone. Make sure when you enter campus to start your day that your phone is off and put away.



    This policy also applies to other personal electronic devices, such as: gaming devices & music players (iPods & headphones, etc.).

B.E.S.T. Classroom Rules

  • Be on time, prepared with supplies and ready to learn

    Enter quietly and display focused behavior with time on task

    Stay seated and raise your hand when you have a question

    Teacher dismisses class, not the bell 

Last Modified on March 5, 2018