• English

    Our Philosophy
    We hope to help students challenge themselves to do the following:
    • read closely complex fiction and non-fiction,
    • create well-supported, effective writing,
    • speak and listen accurately and critically, and
    • research with curiosity and skill.
    Department Chair: Michael Phillips phillips.michael@lusd.org 

    English Department  


    Courses Offered

    English 9 
    English 9 Honors
    English 10
    English 10 Honors
    English 11
    AP English 11 Language and Composition
    English 12
    AP English 12 Literature and Composition
    Reading Improvement
    The English department's policy on late essays and take-home projects is as follows:
    1 day late: 75% credit
    2 days late: 50% credit
    3 or more days late: 0% credit 
    AP and Honors:
    There is no requirement for enrolling in an AP or Honors class. If the student is willing to challenge himself or herself, that student is welcomed. However, if the student is not passing at the first grading period and is not fulfilling a teacher-student-parent contract, the student may be moved to a college-prep class. This policy is in place to ensure the integrity of the accelerated classes for those students advanced in skill and perseverance. 


    Mrs. Anderson: English 9, English 9 Honors, English 11
    Mr. Culberson: English 10 (STaRS and CA$H), English 10 Honors
    Mrs. Gallagher: English 11, English 11 HaWC
    Mr. Grichine: English 10, English 11 (CA$H) 
    Mrs. Hunt: English 9
    Mrs. Jansen: Reading Improvement 
    Mrs. Lee: Literacy, CAHSEE English, English 11
    Mr. Phillips: AP English 12, English 12, English 12 HaWC
    Mrs. Manko: ELD, Reading Improvement
    Mr. Taylor: English 9 (STaRS),
    AP English 11
    Mrs. Taylor: English 11 STaRS, Speech,
    English 12, English 12 STaRS

    News & Notes

    The LHS and CHS English departments, with support from LUSD administration, adopted Pearson's My Perspectives as the adopted text program for college-prep English, grades 9-12.