• Social Studies

    The Social Studies department believes that instilling a sense of pride in our students is key to their academic success.  Students will work harder if they feel a connection to the staff and their peers.  Success is possible in the Social Studies department by working hard and having a good working relationship between student, teacher, and classmates.  
    The Social Studies department feels a keen understanding of our past, our minds, our culture, our economy and our government is crucial to understanding the world we live in.  Students will learn how to make connections between the past and our modern world.  They will learn how to analyze all different types of sources; maps, newspapers, primary sources, secondary sources, artwork, music, etc.  Students will learn how to express themselves in writing and in conversation.  In order for students to become career and college ready, students are expected to become investigators of life, not just passive observers.

    Courses Offered 

    10th Grade
    World History
    ~ Mr. Ludden
    ~ Ms. Petersen
    ~ Mr. Newbre
    11th Grade 
    ~ Mr. Brooks
    ~ Mr. Hicks
    ~ Mr. Warrick
    ~ Mr. Brooks 
    12th Grade 
    ~ Mr. Hicks
    ~ Mr. Garrard
    ~ Mr. Newbre   
    Psychology (at bottom of page) 
    ~ Mr. Brooks 
    ~ Mr. Garrard


    Mr. Brooks: US History, AP History, Psychology
    Mr. Garrard: Economics, Sociology
    Mr. Hicks: American Government, US History
    Mr. Ludden: World History
    Mr. Newbre: AP European History, Digital Photography, Yearbook
    Ms. Petersen: World History
    Mr. Warrick: US History, World History

    News & Notes