• Mrs. Lynch Lynch
    Renee Lynch
    Hours for help:

    Ms. Lynch is from the thriving metropolis of Stockton and received her BA in Psychology and her Teaching Credential from Chapman Univ.  She has been in education since 1996, beginning in LUSD as a substitute IA in Sp. Ed for a year, then as a tutor for 2 yrs (Fillmore). She had a 3rd-grade job share for 3 yrs (Ruth), and has been teaching kindergarten for the past 13 yrs at Fillmore. 


    Ms. Lynch's interests outside of school include yoga/holistic health, baseball-- (she is an avid Giants AND Oakland fan), newspaper crosswords, reading, and traveling.  The most recent book she has read is The Litigators by John Grisham.  Dr. Seuss is her favorite author. 

    Please contact Ms. Lynch if you have any questions.