• Hello Minutemen (and Minute Women) students and parents!  My name is Michael Phares and I am both thrilled and honored to teach you (your child) math during your 8th grade year. I have three periods of 8th Grade Math and three periods of Honors 8th Grade Math. This year will prepare you (your child) for the rigors of HS math while allowing you (your child) to have some fun stretching your (your child's) imagination and intellect surrounding math. Both of our curricula are discovery and project based learning driven, which will allow you (your child) to interface with the concepts in such a way that affords some mistakes and failures while deep learning and understanding occurs. Once nudged in the right direction, the hands-on experiences will be invaluable in taking their learning and understanding of the concepts beyond merely memorizing them for a test... but rather, enjoying the life-long application of them!

    I am from southern CA, completed my undergraduate studies at Pepperdine University and am finalizing my credential program at Brandman University after a near-20 year run as a marketing and business development executive across various industries. I've also been a professional bodyboarder and bi-vocational youth and college pastor. I've been truly blessed with a lot of life-learning experiences that help me relate to and interact with most types of people.

    I now live in Grover Beach with my wife (also a teacher - Trivium Charter School's Arroyo Grande campus), two daughters (Madilyn - 5th grade, and Makenna - 3rd grade), and three furballs (Toby - black 11 year old cat, Cali - calico kitten, and Mika - grey/calico kitten). Our family loves to hike, camp, ride bikes, and enjoy the beach. In my free time (meaning before school... yes, often in the dark), you can find me bodyboarding at the Pismo Pier or one of my other favorite Central Coast breaks.

    Please feel free to connect with me regarding your student's math education. I prefer email (phares.michael@lusd.org), but if you need to call (805-742-2719 I'll update with my voicemail information when I receive it), please do.