• Graduation Success Program



    Teachers:     Ms. Machin (machin.muriel@lusd.org)
                       Mr. Claycamp (Claycamp.zakery@lusd.org)


    Location of the Graduation Success Program

                       Room:  P-21 (portable classroom in the back parking lot)

                       Lompoc Unified School District Office

                       1301 North A Street, Lompoc

                       (near East Central Avenue and North A Street)


    ·        Overview Graduation Success Program (GSP)


    ð       Students may earn one semester of high school credit.


    ð       Each semester course takes approximately 75 hours to complete.


    ü  Work must be completed (including quizzes and exams)


    ü  Progress reports will be sent out

    Ø  February 25, 2011

    Ø  March 18, 2011

    Ø  April 15, 2011


    ð       Each course includes five units of study.  Each of the five units takes about two weeks to complete.


    ð       Students will need to invest 6 or more hours per week in order to complete the course no later than Thursday, April 28, 2011.


    ð       All afternoon sessions are two hours in length, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM.


    ð       Students will sign in at each session.


    ð       Students will be assigned two mandatory days.  All quizzes and exams must be taken on the mandatory days.

    ü  Mondays and Wednesdays for English 12 and  Elective

    ü  Tuesdays and Thursdays for all other courses

    ü  Along with the two mandatory days, students should attend at least one other day each week.


    ·        EXPECTATIONS  for the Graduation Success Program


    ð       LUSD, school, and technology use rules apply at the GSP.


    ð       Tardies (Under 15 minutes is a tardy.)


    Ø  1st Tardy (under 15 minutes)

    Warning and parent is contacted


    Ø  2nd Tardy (under 15 minutes)

    Probation and parent contact


    Ø  3rd Tardy (under 15 minutes)

    Disenrollment and parent contact


    ð       Absences


    Ø  Whenever as student is absent, the student must set up a date with the teacher to make up the absence.


    Ø  1st Absence

    Warning and parent is contacted


    Ø  2nd Absence

    Probation and parent contact


    Ø  3rd Absence

    Disenrollment and parent contact