• 2019-2020


    Hi Friends and Welcome to Transitional Kindergarten with Mrs. Gamache!


    Thank you for taking the time to come to your child’s TK Orientation.  I am so happy to meet you and your child! The Crestview Team believes TK Orientation greatly relieves any first day “jitters” your child may have. You can help prepare and encourage your child by talking with him/her about your first experiences at school (meeting new friends and new teachers, working hard to learn new things, etc).  Your child will enjoy hearing stories from when you were his/her age and will feel proud knowing he/she is sharing something that happened to you too!


    I’ll mention just a few more tips to make these next few days feel safe, happy and comfortable.  When the bell rings in the morning, please leave your child at the door.  If you come in the classroom, your child might want you to stay and this could cause some separation anxiety.  I promise to be there to help him/her get settled right away :) A home-packed snack will be comforting, as we have a designated snack time just before recess.  We prefer a healthy snack on which your TKer’s name is clearly marked. Snacks go in the snack bucket just before school starts.  Also, bathroom-friendly clothing would be greatly appreciated.  Zippers, belts, etc. can be difficult for TKers! Finally it will add to your child’s sense of well-being if you let him/her know that you will be back to get him/her at 12:00 promptly and are there to meet him/her.  When you see your child at the gate, don’t call them over to you.  Please wait until I  see you and excuse him/her to walk over to you.  As I meet and learn new students and families, I want to make sure that I have dismissed each child to his/her designated person.


    Mark your calendars for two events: 

    Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 4th

    Crestview’s Parent-Teacher Conference Week, October 7-11, when it will be your turn to come to school (preferably without your TKer) to hear more about our exciting year.  We will talk about our daily routine, curriculum, preview some of the activities that are planned throughout the year, and touch base on how your child is doing academically and socially.  If you have questions before then, I welcome communication by email or talking after school. I prefer to reserve mornings for preparation for our school day! Also, look for a class newsletter that will come home on Monday’s in your child’s folder.


    I hope you and your TKer had fun exploring his/her new classroom together today so that tomorrow you will both be ready for that first special “independent” day of TK! I’m looking forward to experiencing the joy of learning with your child!

    Mrs. Gamache