Reading Plus @ Home

Student Reading Plus from Home

    1. Goto
    2. Top white menu bar, click on "Teaching Materials"
    3. Under directory section "C", click on "Clever Login"
    4. To the right of the colorful "G", click on "Log in with Google"
    5. Enter your email, type your student's school ID number, it starts with 20 and is 7 digits long
    6. Click on the blue "Next" button
    7. Password: type your student's birthdate, in the format MMDDMMDD.  Ex. 30 Jan 2009 would be "01300130"
    8. Click on the blue "Next" button
    9. Under the "Instand Login Applications", click on the "Reading Plus" icon
    • When done, make sure your student logs out of Reading Plus, Cleaver and then goes to and logs out there as well.
    • Log out of Google between students.