• Arthur Hapgood Elementary School values instructional programs that challenge all students academically. Every
    aspect of the Hapgood program is designed from research-based models and supported by highly qualified teachers.
    Our dedicated staff can and will instruct with high expectations while providing support to meet the academic needs of
    each of our students.

    We envision our school as a community of staff, students and parents fully developed as respectful, responsible, and
    highly successful global learners. We strive to provide an environment where students are exposed to 21st Century
    Skills required to be career and college ready.

    Hapgood will provide every student with instruction that:
    • Consistently uses engaging, effective instructional strategies/practices to teach the California State Board
    adopted Common Core State Standards
    • Emphasizes building a healthy self-concept, individual accountability, cultural pride, academic success, and
    community identity.
    • Expands learning opportunities to include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,
    Physical Education, the Arts, and Spanish & English bi-literate skills at high academic levels for those enrolled
    in the LUSD Language Academy.