Lompoc High School is a comprehensive four year co-educational public institution with a diverse ethnic and socio-economic student body of approximately 1,600 students. 

    Lompoc High School is committed to providing a strong comprehensive education for all of its students.  Lompoc provides college bound students with a rigorous A-G UC/CSU course of study.  Lompoc High School is fortunate to have a varied and acclaimed vocational and technical education program for students planning to attend technical schools or to enter the work force immediately after graduation.  Students enrolled in the Space, Technology and Robotics Systems (STaRS) Pathways are prepared to enter the Engineering fields, while students enrolled in the Health and Wellness Career (HaWC) Pathways are prepared to enter careers in the Medical sciences fields.  Our Agriculture Department, Career Technical Education (CTE), and Visual & Performing Arts Department also excel in preparing students for both college and careers.

    Lompoc prides itself with a qualified and hard working staff and administration that are dedicated to their students’ academic and interpersonal success.  We proudly offer a wide range of courses from intensive intervention to advance placement courses as well as Allan Hancock College concurrent enrollment classes in which they earn college credit.   

    Special Programs and Services:

     Advanced Placement Courses

     Home Visits Intervention

     Allan Hancock College Concurrent Enrollment 

     Homebound Instruction

     Anonymous Alerts App

     Honor Classes


     Independent Study Program

     Bilingual Services

     School Psychologist Services

     Blackboard Notification Service

     LUSD Mobile App

     Career Center Resources

     Special Education Services

     Referrals to the Community Agencies

     Speech Therapy Services

     Coordination of Student Services Team 

     STaRS Pathways

     Dropout Prevention Specialist 

     Student Success Team

     English Language Development

     Title I Services

     HaWC Pathways 


     Health Services

     Work Experience Education