• Visitors: Parents and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to visit classes. If you wish to visit the campus or classroom must make arrangements with an administrator 24 hours prior to the visit and always check in with the front office. All visitors are required to sign-in in the front office.

    Outside Agencies: Visits by outside agency personnel must check in and complete a LUSD Conference with Pupils Form to speak to one of our students.

    Note: School-Aged persons not enrolled at Lompoc High are not permitted to visit classes on campus.

    Parking: Non-student visitors may park in unassigned front parking spots. Assigned parking spots are reserved for staff and handicap individuals. If the spots are occupied visitors may park in the east parking lot. Student parking at Lompoc High is a privilege. To park at Lompoc High School’s parking lot, students must obtain a parking permit in the front office. A valid driver’s license, current registration and proof of insurance are required. All motorized vehicles must be parked in the assigned area in the east parking located between the school and YMCA. Violations by students may terminate their right to drive or park a vehicle on campus.

    Personal Belongings: The only items Lompoc High can accept are school related and may be brought to the front office – backpack, sports bag, binder, etc. Lompoc High School cannot accept money, phones, flowers/balloons/gifts, air pods, etc. for students. Students bringing personal items not related to school instruction do so at their own risk. Lompoc Staff will not be responsible for or investigate the damage loss or theft of these items. The LHS school resource officer may be informed and asked to investigate.