• Carroll
    Name: Michelle Carroll
    Grade / Subject: 1st/2nd Grade

    Some Interesting Facts About Mrs. Carroll


    Let me tell you some neat things about Mrs. Carroll.  I bet you think Mrs. Carroll is just a teacher but she is not!  Did you know she likes to lift Olympic weights? She even once deadlifted 305 pounds!  Well, you might think that she grew up in Lompoc, she didn’t.  She actually grew up in Goleta, California.  And she even went to college at UCSB.  Some of the other jobs she has had are a lifeguard, she also taught dance, kickboxing, and spin class.  Do you want to know why she became a teacher? She became a teacher because when she was in fourth grade there were a lot of students from Laos, but they didn’t speak English so her teacher paired her up with a student to teach them English.  Some of her favorite things to do are bake pizza and spending time with family and friends. Did you know that when she was a kid she was on a swim team and drill team?  She also has a husband, Michael, and four grown children. She has two daughters named Maggie and Samantha, and she has two sons named John and Kieran.  Sometimes she might even give you some advice. “Don’t worry about what other people say”  and, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.” Those are some neat facts about Mrs.Carroll.

    Interviewed by:

    -Sean Curtis