• Miguelito Mission Statement


    The mission of Miguelito School, in partnership with the community and Lompoc Unified School District, is to provide a safe positive learning environment where all students learn at high levels. We strongly believe in collaboration and Professional Learning Communities to increase student achievement.


    Miguelito School Vision

    The Miguelito Community of staff, parents and students envision:

    1.    A community where all students learn at high levels.

    2.    A collaborative environment where academics and standards are of the upmost importance.

    3.    A school climate where students feel safe.

    4.    A school culture where students are responsible and respect one another.

    5.    A positive community where students enjoy coming to school and learning.

    *      Miguelito Elementary provides an environment where students, staff, administrators and community members feel a sense of belonging and pride because they are an important part of the educational organization.

    *      Students come to Miguelito Elementary School ready to learn, and our teachers come ready to help them achieve high academic goals and state standards.

    *       Parents recognize their continuing role as their child's first teacher.

    *       Miguelito staff creates an environment that engages students in becoming lifelong learners and productive citizens.

    Professional Learning Community school teams work interdependently to achieve common goals linked to the purpose of learning for all students. Educational decisions and programs are based on current research and practice to meet the needs of all students. Implementation of a standards based curriculum provides students with meaningful, real-world experiences. Ongoing use of standards based assessments purposely monitors students' progress, which allows instruction to be adjusted to maximize student learning. Technology is used in the classroom to support and enhance effective teaching and learning.