•  Tina Wall



     I am honored to have been selected to take on the role of Lompoc Valley Middle School's Assistant Principal.  I started teaching in 1996 in Cuyama Joint Unified School District where I spent three years as a 5th-8th grade English teacher, 6th grade science teacher, publications and computer elective teacher, PE teacher, and also coached volleyball, basketball, and softball. (In a small district, one wears many hats). In 1999, I moved to Lompoc Unified School District and began teaching 6th grade Core, and 7th and 8th grade intensive intervention at Vandenberg Middle School.  I taught there until 2008 when I moved to Buena Vista Elementary as a 6th grade teacher, and most recently, was the principal at Miguelito Elementary since 2013.


    I have a real love and passion for students in these teen years and am very happy to be working with this age group again.  I am also extremely excited to be working with you in the capacity of Assistant Principal.  


    Tina Wall

    Assistant Principal

    Lompoc Valley Middle School

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