• Theme:  TO be announced...
    May 2th 2020

    8pm - 12am
    Location: To be announced


    All Prom attendees will be bussed from the Cabrillo High School bus turn around starting at 7:15pm-9:00pm. No private vehicles, party busses and limos will be allowed to drop off at the venue, but will need to drop off at the Cabrillo bus turn around.

    If the attendee does not arrive at Cabrillo by 9:00pm they will not be allowed to attend and a refund willnot be given.


    Tickets: TBD


    If you have a school debt, 20 or more tardies, or 18 or more period unexcused absences you will NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket. Please see the student handbook for more information.


    Freshmen are not allowed to attend prom, Sophomores are allowed only with an approved guest pass.


    Click on the links below to view/download Prom forms. 

    * coming soon