John Galisky – Electronics and Robotics

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    Classes: Engineering

    While in college, Mr. Galisky studied Physics and Astrophysics at U.C. Berkeley and conducted research looking for supernovae in active galaxies known as "starburst galaxies." After graduating he earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development from U.C. Santa Barbara. Over the last 20 years at Lompoc High School he has taught Physics, Integrated Science, Earth Science, Electronics & Robotics, Algebra 1, and Space Science. In addition to teaching, Mr Galisky also coordinates the Space, Technology, and Robotic Systems (STaRS) Academy--a pre-engineering academy that integrates core classes in Math, Science, and English with technical electives in Drafting, Design, Electronics, Robotics, and Manufacturing.


    Mr. Galisky's goal is to one day join the astronaut corps. After applying in 2003, he was asked to be one of 200 teachers nationwide to form the Network of Educator-Astronaut Teachers. He was selected by the California Air Force Association as Teacher of the Year in 2004 and he is currently a member of State Superintendent Tom Torlakson's STEM Task Force.


    Outside of school Mr. Galisky enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, reading, disc golf, and reading.