Tom Garrard – Economics/Sociology

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    Classes: Economics & Sociology

    Hours for Help: Before School, At Lunch & After School

    Tom Garrard is entering his 17th year of teaching here at Lompoc High School.  He has taught multiple subjects including US History, World History, and Government.  His current schedule includes Economics and Sociology.  Tom is a graduate of the world's greatest university, The University of Utah.  Tom takes things a little slower ever since his free skiing accident on his third trip to Mt Everest.  Because of the amount of time he spends trying to mediate between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress he is only able to participate in a few triathlons a year now days.  Tom has picked up on many languages during his world travels, and has become fluent in British, Australian, Irish, and even a little South African.  Tom has settled into a life of coaching here on campus.  He enjoys coaching the girl's golf team and says it is a lot less stressful than his days working with Tiger Woods.