Jonathan Taylor – English

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    Classes: English 9, English 9 STAR, & AP English 11

    Hours for help: 11:32-12:15; 3:00-3:30

    After graduating from the University of Delaware with a bachelor's degree in English Education, Mr. Taylor moved to Tennessee where he substitute taught for a year. He moved to California in January of 1999 and was teaching at Lompoc High School by the end of 1999. He taught English 9, English 10, and English 11 until 2004, when he took a leave of absence to pursue a master's degree in English from Cal Poly, SLO. He returned to the classroom in 2006 and has been teaching English 9 and Advanced Placement English Language and Composition since then. He considers being part of this community an honor and a privilege, and he appreciates the duty and trust afforded him by all the parents and other stakeholders. 



    English 9 students work on Chromebooks for a large part of their class work in Google Classroom. Email Mr. Taylor to request to join the Google class as a parent. If you join, you can see the assignments and your student's work. If your English 9 student has a low grade, check also for reading logs; they are supposed to read 4 times a week. Check for weekly vocabulary assignments, too. Let's help these students start high school responsibly.