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    Maple High School's Principal, Katy Wallace

    Article from the Lompoc Record

    Katy Wallace said it was the influences of her mother and upbringing that ultimately led her to forge a career in education.
    Wallace was one of just three biological children born to the late Stephanie Kazianka, but she never lacked for a sibling. Kazianka fostered more than 50 children throughout her life and even co-founded a group home for children in need.
    That background is what has her prepared for the next step in her career, Wallace said.
    “Just coming from the house that I come from and my mom always saying that every kid deserves a chance to succeed and move forward, that’s why I want to work in that environment,” she said. “I feel like I was cut out of that cloth.”
    “The staff there is wonderful and they’ve done so much with the kids there in providing them with opportunities,” she said, noting $31,000 in scholarships received by Maple students this year.
    A Cabrillo High alumna, Wallace spent 14 years there, much of it as a resource specialist, before participating in the LATSS programs.
    Working with kids who may be going through troubling times is a passion for her. When she was in college, she actually managed the group home that was co-started by her mother. Between that and her childhood around so many different types of people, “I’ve seen it all,” she said.
    “I think that when provided with positive opportunities for change, kids will rise to the occasion,” she said.
    Katy Wallace
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