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Aeries Training / FAQ


Q: What is Aeries Student Information System? A: Aeries Student Information System is a comprehensive web-based software solution designed to help educational institutions manage student data, including attendance, grades, schedules, and more. It provides teachers at Lompoc Unified School District with tools to efficiently track and analyze student information, communicate with parents, and streamline administrative tasks.

Q: How can Aeries Student Information System benefit me as a teacher at Lompoc Unified? A: Aeries offers several benefits for teachers at Lompoc Unified. It allows you to easily record and track attendance, enter grades, create and manage student schedules, generate progress reports, communicate with parents through the parent portal, access student demographics and contact information, and more. Aeries helps streamline administrative tasks, saves time, and provides valuable insights into student performance.

Q: Where can I access Aeries Student Information System for Lompoc Unified? A: To access the Aeries Student Information System for Lompoc Unified, please visit the Lompoc Unified Aeries login page. You will need your provided login credentials to log in to the system. If you encounter any issues, please submit a HelpDesk ticket.


Q: How can I communicate with parents through Aeries for Lompoc Unified? A: Aeries offers a parent portal where parents can access their child's attendance, grades, assignments, and more. To communicate with parents, you can use the messaging feature within Aeries to send messages, announcements, or progress reports directly to parents. Parents can also contact you through the portal. Ensure you follow Lompoc Unified's guidelines for parent communication through Aeries.

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