• A Focused Approach to Frontloading English Language Instruction for Houghton Mifflin Reading; K-5

    Frontloading Handbook

    The purpose of Frontloading is to teach needed language preceding a sheltered or mainstream lesson to render the content comprehensible to each student.  It enables students to participate more fully in the upcoming Reading/Language Arts lesson.
    The language demands of the upcoming lesson are analyzed and general vocabulary and sentence structures essential for successful student participation are determined.  It is a brief lesson (generally 10-20 minutes) including opportunities for students to practice new language both orally and in writing.
    Frontloading Language for Content Area Instruction does not provide sufficient English language instruction.  Because it does not follow a scope and sequence of langauge skills, it may leave gaps in language knowledge.  It addresses an important component of English Language instruction - that which provides access to the reading/language arts program, but is NOT THE ENTIRE ELD PROGRAM.  English learners must also receive systematic ELD instruction, designed to teach English as a subject matter.
    California Reading and Literature Project, 2005