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Assistant Superintendent Dr. John Karbula is Nominated for the Negotiator of the Year Award

LUSD Assistant Superintendent Dr. John Karbula has been nominated for the Negotiator of the Year Award. This award is presented by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) and is the highest honor a Chief Negotiator can receive.

"John is a dedicated professional who focuses his efforts on supporting kids in LUSD." In addition, he is one of the most skilled negotiators that I have had the privilege of serving with," said Superintendent Trevor McDonald.

This award will be selected and presented during the Negotiators Symposium in January. This is a great honor and accomplishment for the entire LUSD district. Dr. Karbula represents the district in both Certificated and Classified labor negotiations.

Doug Sorum, Director of Maintenance and Operations states, "Dr. Karbula really attacks the problem and never the person, this is a highly admirable trait that results in wonderful labor relationships." 

This is the first time that the Chief Negotiator from LUSD has been nominated for the high honor. This is truly a testament to the great people that work in the LUSD school district.

"It is a great honor to be nominated for this award. The two teams who work closely with me on certified and classified negotiations are exceptional people. I truly trust them and love working with them. I must also give a lot of credit to the certified and classified leadership and their teams. We have a positive and trusting relationship with them that provides a solid foundation for positive outcomes," said Assistant Superintendent Dr. John Karbula