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1st Grade Donation List

Buena Vista Elementary School

First Grade

If you’d like to donate items for your child’s class, this is what the teacher is requesting


  1. 1 box of 16 count crayons, not glitter or scented, Crayola brand only

  2. 1 box of 12 Pencils, #2 Ticonderoga brand sharpens best and break the least

  3. A couple of pink erasers and pencil top erasers

  4. 1 6-pack of Avery permanent glue sticks

  5. 1 container of Clorox wipes

  6. 1 box of Kleenex

  7. 1 12-pack of Crayola colored pencils

  8. 2 sharpies- black, fine point

  9. 4 black, PaperMate, water based fine tip markers

  10. Backpack, lunch box, water bottle

  11. Earbuds


    Please mark with student’s name any backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles, sweaters, or jackets that may come to school!


     Thank you!