27. Is it true that one employee group has had more layoffs than others

 Is it true that one employee group has more layoffs than others
The attached table shows the number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees over the last four years.  Although there are some additions and reductions from year to year, all employee groups have taken reductions as a result of layoffs, retirement incentives, or positions that were unfilled.
The chart below shows the following:
Certificated Total FTE Reductions since 2008-2009:           27.90 FTE  or  5.52%
Classified Total FTE Reductions since 2008-2009:              19.58 FTE  or  5.82%
Certificated Management Reductions since 2008-2009:        4.55 FTE  or 15.12%
Classified Mgmt & Confidential since 2008-2009:                  1.00 FTE  or  6.66%
 FTE Chart Jpeg
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The chart also shows a shift of some FTEs that were Generally Funded were moved Federal Restricted Funds or to one time funding. 
 A pdf of the table is located at this link for easier viewing. FTE Comparison Table .pdf