57. Restructure the school year so that the "summer break" falls December/January

 Think about restructuring the school year so that the "summer break" falls during the December/January time frame. We could recover lost ADA for students that go to Mexico during that time frame and it would allow teachers to have the crunch time of Christmas off. The 185 days would then be used when scientific research shows that students are set for optimal learning which is when there is the most sunshine. The original reason for summer off was bringing in crops on farms. We are no longer an agrarian economy for the most part and students cannot work in the fields by law etc.
Good out-of-the-box thinking, but there would probably an equal amount of ADA loss for non-traditional schedule as what would be recouped by capturing January travelers. Our ongoing analysis of attendance trends indicates that travel to Mexico and/or January absenteeism is fairly minimal.