58. Eliminate stipends, institute salary freeze, make aquarium self supporting

The following are delicate suggestions: 1. Eliminate all stipends for dept chairs, teachers in charge, etc. 2. Temporarily freeze all wages at all levels as of Spring 2012 which means no more step and column, no additional funding for additional credits earned etc. This works in industry and it might work here with union cooperation from both unions and all administrators. 3. Eliminate the CHS Aquarium or develop a charge plan to help make it more self supporting.
1. This is an area being taken through the collective bargaining process
2.  Salary freezes, especially when there is contractual step/column movement creates an unequal application of the salary schedule whereby someone who is entitled to a salary jump because of earned units/years is unequally frozen when compared to someone who is not entitled to a salary increase.

3. The Cabrillo High School Aquarium operating costs (utilities, custodial, building maintenance) and the director's stipend are supported by the general fund as are other district programs.  The remainder of aquarium expenditures that are specific to the aquarium (e.g. supplies and equipment) are supported through various fundraising accounts within the ASB and the Louise Mollath Charitable Trust (est. 2007, approximately $20,000 annually).