65. Use more vendors for spending/purchasing.

Stop spending/[purchasing] foolishly. For example, the district wastes money because they only contract with certain vendors. Case in point; last year I needed some additional workbooks that the district did not purchase and found them on Amazon Market Place for $4 each. The district would not use that vendor and instead we had to pay $10 each for them from a publisher. This is the 21rst century and we live in a global economy. The internet and such sites like Amazon Market Place and ebay should be used instead of contracting with more expensive publishers. This has happened several times. In this particular case I needed 35 books. $4 each = %140. $10 each = $350. Our site could have saved $200. That is a huge chunk of change. In your personal life you would not waste money like that so why is the district doing it?  
Since July 1, 2011 LUSD has purchased from Amazon on 90 different P.O.’s. for over 200 items.  Without the order specifics a complete explanation of the inquiry below can not be given.  However, there are times when the requestor may want books or items from Amazon and when the order is received by the purchasing department, staff often finds that the item is not available in large volumes and therefore is found at multiple sellers which entails multiple handling and external and internal processing costs.  LUSD has also experienced where the items have already been sold and where other sellers acknowledge the goods are damaged at the price quoted.  LUSD's goal is to bring in goods at the least cost to the District.  Cost is based on delivered price and processing costs and not based solely on sale price.  Sources such as Ebay may also be considered on an exceptional basis, however in the case of electronics, the lower price often comes with the risk of reduced or no warranty.  The purchasing department is not currently staffed to follow on-line auctions.
If there is ever a question regarding procurement and purchasing, feel free to contact Jim Reizer in purchasing and he can explain the logic behind specific sources for purchasing.