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LUSD Resources

This section offers convenient access to common resources for students, parents, and staff. You can explore links to various tools, platforms, and information that you may require.

SARC Reports

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

A SARC is a document that provides important information about each school to parents and the community. A SARC covers various indicators such as academic performance, school safety, teacher qualifications, and student demographics.A SARC helps a school to report on its progress in achieving its goals and to communicate with stakeholders.A SARC also allows the public to evaluate and compare schools based on the indicators.A SARC is required by law for schools that receive state or federal funding under the state law and the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).


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What is LCAP?

An LCAP is a plan that explains how an LEA will use its funds to help its students achieve their goals. It covers three years and includes the goals, actions, services, and expenditures for each priority area. It also tells the story of why the LEA chose certain programs and services for its students. An LCAP is a way for an LEA to show its accountability and commitment to its students and community.

Important Notices

On this page, you will find important notices about topics that affect our community. These include Covid-19 updates, such as health and safety guidelines, testing and vaccination sites, and school closures or reopenings. You will also find announcements about other events and issues that are relevant to our community, such as elections, public hearings, or emergency alerts. Please check this page regularly to stay informed and connected.

Food Services

At Lompoc Unified School District, we serve nutritious breakfast and lunch that follow FDA guidelines. You can find our menus online and pay for your meals online as well.

Learning Resources

LUSD offers many reources to encourage students in a proactive way. Here are the available resources.