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About Us

Lompoc Unified School District: A Profile

Our District

We are a district of 9,200 students from kindergarten to twelfth grade, serving the diverse communities of Lompoc and its surrounding areas. We have a strong leadership team, dedicated teachers, and a committed staff who provide an exceptional education to our students. We offer a comprehensive range of programs for students with special needs, such as opportunity classes, bilingual education, migrant education, gifted education, and special education. We value collaboration and cooperation as the keys to successful negotiations and problem-solving in our district.

Our Community

Lompoc is a city in Santa Barbara County, located 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It has a population of about 40,000 and a mild, smog-free climate. The average high temperature ranges from 63 degrees in winter to 73 degrees in summer. Lompoc is home to Vandenberg Air Force Base, a major aerospace center on the West Coast. It is also known as the flower seed capital of the world, producing more than half of the global flower seed supply. You can learn more about the vibrant Lompoc community on the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce website.

Our Partnerships

We believe in fostering active engagement with our stakeholders in the development of policies and programs for our district. We appreciate the input of various organizations and parent representatives who contribute to our educational goals. We emphasize collaboration with both internal and external partners, such as SARB (School Attendance Review Board), CODE (Community Organizations for Drug Education), and the city council that enacted a daytime loitering ordinance. Together, we work to ensure the holistic education of our citizens through collective efforts and shared responsibility.

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