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Facilities Use Request


A non-refundable facility use processing fee is due and payable with the submission of all non-LUSD school sponsored facility use applications. The fee for applications that use school facilities is $20.00. A $10.00 fee is charged for applications to hang banners on the district’s fences. All organizations using school facilities will be charged a use fee as designated below:

1. Class I – No Fee: There will be no charge for Lompoc Unified School District (LUSD) sponsored activities directly related to the educational program or for activities that fall under AR 1330 – 9.

2. Class II - Minimal: Direct Cost rental fees will be assessed to non-profit organizations not directly related to District’s education program and/ or groups whose events’ net proceeds are expended for the welfare of LUSD students. The Direct Cost rental fee recovers the direct costs to the District required by the organizations’ use of the facilities (Education Code Section 38134(c)(g)).

3. Class III - Rental: Fair Rental charges will be assessed to those organizations engaged in fund-raising or for-profit activities for which the net proceeds are not expended for the welfare of LUSD students. (Education Code Section 38134(e)(h). Fair Rental charges include direct costs, plus the amortized costs of the facilities and grounds.

A 48-hour cancellation notice is required for all cancellations, otherwise cancellations and no-shows will be billed the appropriate amount. Please contact the Business Services office regarding cancellations, 742-3200, as well as the school site.

Whenever any school kitchen is scheduled for use, a District food service worker must be present at all times the kitchen is unlocked. The user will be charged the cost per hour of the food service worker in addition to the room rental charge.

Whenever a custodian is required to be present or perform duties requiring time and labor not normally required but which are necessary due to the use of a school building or room, (i.e., to open and close the facility) an hourly rate will be charged in addition to the basic use fee.

Whenever a computer lab is scheduled for use, a District computer technician must be present. The user will be charged the cost per hour of the computer technician, in addition to the room rental charge.

Current Employee Cost Per Hour Regular Rate* Overtime Rate*
Child Nutrition Worker $22.86 $34.29
Custodian $27.87 $41.81
Computer Technician $40.32 $60.48
Maintenance Worker $32.28 $48.42
Grounds Maintenance Worker $29.26 $43.89








Your organization will be billed for the basic usage fees shown on the attached schedules. All remittances are to be made payable to Lompoc Unified School District, 1301 North “A” Street, Lompoc, CA 93436. I have read and concur with the fees above and on the attached Civic Center Fee Schedule. Fill the form and use the Facilitron online facilities use rental system.