Mission and Vision

Lompoc Unified School District Mission/Vision

Motto| In short…

Trusting Relationships + High Expectations = Every Student Achieves

Mission | Who we are

Lompoc Unified School District is a community of learners that provides educational
experiences for each of our students to meet high expectations.

Vision | Where we are going

In Lompoc Unified School District, we will prepare every student to graduate from high school
ready to meet the challenges of post-secondary education and the demands of a successful career.

Values | What we believe

In LUSD, we believe:

●  Each of our students can meet high expectations.
●  Trusting and respectful relationships are at the heart of effective educational systems.
●  Schools are centers of wellness, creativity, and continuous learning cycles for staff and students.

Goals | Where we will produce results within the next six years

1. Each of our students will graduate, and will be college and career ready.
2. Each of our students will be on grade level in English Language Arts and math.
3. Educational partners (staff, students, families, community) will work together to ensure systems and plans meet the diverse needs of each of our students.

Proposed Objectives | What we strive to achieve in the next three

  1. Each of our students will meet or make progress toward each of the district’s college and career readiness indicators for their grade level (see LUSD Matrix of CCR Indicators) with at least 60% of our students meeting all of the indicators. (Goal #1, Goal #2)
    • Each of our students will either meet or make progress toward grade-level proficiency in English Language Arts (ELA) and math with at least 65% of our students meeting proficiency in ELA and 60% of our students meeting proficiency in math.
    • All learning experiences will be aligned to grade-level standards and provide students access to the least restrictive environment that addresses their individual needs.
    • Professional development opportunities for all staff will align with evidence-based practices and adult learning theory and build capacity to meet district goals.
  2. Within the district’s organizational structure, human and financial resources will reflect the needs of the most vulnerable and highest need student populations. (Goal #3)
  3. Advisory committees, consisting of representation from all educational partner subgroups, will implement data-informed, evidence-based feedback cycles that inform site and district decisions and will increase educational partner engagement. (Goal #3)
  • Site and district leaders will communicate to all educational partners monthly about progress towards district goals and objectives and weekly about school and district events and celebrations.

Board Approved, February 13, 2024