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Classified Human Resources
1301 North A St
Lompoc, California 93436
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Current Openings

Cynthia Carrillo
Director, Classified Human Resources

Carmen Jaramillo
Classified Human Resources Analyst

Human Resources Technician II

Rosalia Villegas Trejo
Human Resources Technician I

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Classified Resources

Our Commissioners:

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Christina Rowe (CSEA Appointee)

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Shirley Leonard (Joint Appointee)

Sean Reilly (District Appointee)


Statement of Ethics and Beliefs of Personnel Commision and Personnel Commision Staff:

We, the Personnel Commission and staff of the Personnel Commission of the Lompoc Unified School District, shall honor and support the goals of the Board of Education;

We will implement the merit system with a blind eye to any particular group, reinforcing the principle that favoritism shall not enter into any decisions made by staff or the Personnel Commission;

We will make all decisions on the merit, free from partiality, prejudice or conflicts of interest and we will fulfill our responsibilities and use our positions to advance public interest, not for personal gain;

We will conduct all business openly, efficiently, equitably, and honorably so the public can make informed judgments and hold public officials and employees accountable;

We will honor and respect democratic principles; observe the letter and spirit of the laws, carry out in good faith all rules and regulations of the Personnel Commission and policies of the Governing Board in the mutual interest of the employees, students, and the community we serve;

We will safeguard the public confidence in the integrity of the merit system and public service by avoiding appearances of impropriety and conduct unbefitting public officials and public employees;

We will treat all persons fairly, with respect and dignity; we will honor our responsibilities by behaving in a trustworthy and responsible manner; and we will conduct ourselves in an ethical manner free of conflict of interest at all times;

We will support the education program of this District through efforts to recruit and provide to the District the most qualified classified employees possible;

We will ensure the efficiency of the classified service through well-defined processes free from partiality, prejudice, or conflicts of interest in recruiting, testing, selecting, promoting, and retaining qualified employees;

In that equal employment opportunity is a keystone of the merit system principles, and a diverse workplace is important in fostering strong relationships among people of different cultures, we will strive to ensure diversity in the candidates available for selection;

Service as an employee or a volunteer Commissioner in public schools is a noble one.  We will fulfill our responsibility to the constituencies we serve, including students, parents, community, and the District to provide the best possible caring service in fulfilling our responsibilities.


Merit Rules and Regulations Chapter 2.5                                                                                                                                                        Approved September 20, 2018