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Facility Use Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your online request for facility use.

  • All online requests must be submitted no later than three (3) weeks in advance of first date of use. Late requests shall be assessed a late fee of $30.00.

  • There’s a $20 application fee for facility use ($10 application fee for hanging a banner on the fence line). A certificate of liability insurance is required with your request. The online request will not be approved if the certificate is not submitted. Application fees are non-refundable.

  • You are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000. In addition, the Lompoc Unified School District is to be named additional insured. Certificate holder should read:

    Lompoc Unified School District ATTN: Business Services
    1301 North A Street
    Lompoc, Ca 93436


  • Please provide a complete description of your intended use of the facility. If this is a youth activity, please provide the age group of the participants.

  • If you plan to charge admission, one of the options for “admission charge” must be checked. Please be sure to fill in the amount, and describe how the proceeds will be used.

  • Banners may be hung for no longer than 30 days in a 60 day period.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about using school facilities, please contact:

Teresa Acosta
Business Services Executive Assistant
Phone: 805-742-3200
Email: aosta.teresa@lusd.org



Welcome to LUSD Civic Use of School Facilities

At LUSD, we value our school facilities and grounds as important community assets that can promote community engagement and development. We appreciate your support and the efforts of your volunteers who provide various services to the youth in our community. We also want to share some useful information that can help you understand how Civic Use works in our schools. In 2016, LUSD switched from an outdated manual reservation system to an online portal through Facilitron. This change made it easier for community members to search for and request public event space at LUSD facilities, check availability in real time, and get estimated quotes. This also made reservations more efficient for LUSD to handle.

In the summer of 2021, the Board approved revisions to all three documents within the 1330 Civic Use series containing policies, rules, regulations, and the fee structure. Edits to those three documents resulted from changes in the law, specifically SB-1404, AB-1557, and AB-1303, which amended CA Education Code §38134 and directed districts to charge Civic Use organizations for direct costs proportional to facility use. To aid the district in calculating the direct cost fee structure, LUSD had an analysis completed using a calculator introduced by the California School Boards Association (CSBA). The CSBA tool was designed to help districts understand how to comply with the law and adequately calculate direct costs for Civic Use. Direct costs include three types of expenses: operating, program, and capital. Operating expenses include items such as utilities and supplies. Program expenses include costs for the district's facility use management system and the portion of administrative and clerical salaries related to Civic Use. However, the program expenses do not include the fees charged for employees required to be present to perform duties described later herein. Capital expenses include facility replacement or rehabilitative costs and depreciation schedules. Later in the fall of 2021, the Board approved further amendments to the Exemplar 1330 (E1330) that permitted community users to begin renting only specific portions of our stadium facilities at the two comprehensive high schools, such as only the field, half of the field, the track, or the exercise zone (located only at the Lompoc Community Track & Field), as opposed to renting the entire stadium facility. These amendments made renting facilities more affordable for our community organizations that only needed a portion of the facility, many of which now take advantage of the new E1330 partial facility structure.

E1330 lists hourly Civic Use rates for various facilities in LUSD, such as cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, classrooms, libraries, restrooms, gymnasiums, locker rooms, multipurpose fields, baseball and softball fields, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, asphalt playgrounds, parking lots, entire stadiums, or portions of those stadiums as described earlier. That structure is divided into three  categories- Class I (no fee), Class II (minimal, direct cost fee), and Class III (rental fee). Each of the three is described below:


  1. Class I- The Class I structure lists no fees and is utilized for LUSD-sponsored activities directly related to the district’s education program. LUSD-sponsored activities include LUSD athletic events, school activities, and outside organizations the district has contracted to perform specific LUSD educational program services, such as After School Education and Safety (ASES).
  2. Class II- The Class II structure has a minimal fee equal to direct costs, enabling the district to recover the direct costs it incurs proportionally to the rented facility. Groups receiving the Class II rate are nonprofit organizations charging participants a nominal fee of not more than sixty dollars ($60) per month and providing services for the welfare of LUSD students,although those services are not directly related to the district's educational program. The Class II structure also includes seasonal rates for up to four calendar months of use at multipurpose fields, baseball and softball fields, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and asphalt playgrounds.
  3. Class III- The Class III structure has a fair rental fee which includes the direct costs described above plus amortized costs of the facilities and grounds. The Class III groups include organizations or firms engaged in fundraising or for-profit activities for which their net proceeds are not expended for the welfare of LUSD students. The fee schedule in E1330 also lists regular and overtime hourly rates for LUSD employees who are required to be present to perform duties such as opening, cleaning, and closing facilities which are necessary due to the use of a school facility. Outside organizations using LUSD facilities are chargedfor these employee hours at the listed overtime rate for a minimum of two hours. LUSD facilities are available for Civic Use rentals on LUSD-observed holidays, pending the availability of LUSD employees to perform duties. Holiday hourly rates for LUSD employees equal the sum of the regular and overtime rate listed in E1330. All Civic Use rental reservations, their required Certificate of Liability listing LUSD as additional insured, and fee payments must be finalized three weeks before using facilities. All billing and payments are handled within the district’s Facilitron platform.

Many local organizations are utilizing LUSD facilities at Huyck Stadium to provide various services. When Huyck Stadium was originally constructed, it was state-of-the-art and the envy of athletes, coaches, districts, and communities throughout the state. But, as the facility aged and other communities renovated theirs, LUSD’s once coveted stadium took a backseat to those in other areas of the state. In 2020, LUSD was proud to host the grand opening of the highly renovated Lompoc Community Track & Field located at Huyck Stadium as the home field facility for Cabrillo and Lompoc High athletes. The stadium now includes a rubberized track, artificial turf field, exercise zone, and a multipurpose asphalt area to the south of the field. The district remains forever grateful to those instrumental in the process that began over a decade ago and included thousands of hours of arduous collaborating, planning, and fundraising before the renovation started. The renovation was  only possible with the generous donations of many community members, firms, and organizations that funded a portion of the project. The district provides specific hours for community members to access and exercise in the highly upgraded, attractive, and safe venue. Those public access hours are for individual use only and are not available for group or team activities such as games, scrimmages, practices, or programming. However, the facility is available for Civic Use rental for group and team events through the online reservation portal described above. Although district facilities are available for Civic Use rental on LUSD-observed holidays, public access to the Lompoc Community Track & Field is prohibited on all LUSD-observed holidays and while the facility is in use by LUSD schools. During specific sporting seasons, i.e., soccer, football, and track & field, the public access days and times are limited. Signage is posted at the two main entrances to the stadium, indicating the current access hours and expectations regarding use. The signage includes a QR code to the district's online reservation portal for Civic Use group or team rentals. • Access expectations, available community use hours, and closures for the Lompoc Community Track & Field here: https://www.lusd.org/departments/business-services Thank you again for all you do for our community's youth. We hope this information is helpful and gives you a better understanding of Civic Use in LUSD’s schools. If you have questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to contact Business Services at (805)742-3200

Facility Use Documents