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Information Technology

Director of Information Services and Technology

Ian Trejo
805 - 742 - 3236


Student With Computer

We are here to help

Information Technology is the use of computers and infrastructure with emphasis on the exchange of electronic data.The IT Department at LUSD services almost 10000 students and near 4000 PCs and almost the same number of Chromebooks.

On a daily basis, the IT department makes sure that students and teachers can connect, teachers can do presentations and grades, and that offices can run smoothly at every campus.This  includes many things done behind the scenes that the end user may never even see. All in all, we are here to help with your everyday challenges and questions.

Computer Problems and Questions

If you have a computer problem, please do not contact individuals - you must file a help desk request. If there are questions on how to do this then please find the Quicklinks -> Helpdesk on the district home, Staff -> Helpdesk on the district home, or under on this page under  Employee Support -> Get Tech Support -> click on the helpdesk link.

We are here to help, but we must process requests in the order that they are received. We must keep track of what service calls were completed - this is both to ensure that others are treated fairly, and that jobs are completed in order. 

If you have questions outside of a normal helpdesk request, you may use the menu to answer many of those questions on this page.